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YaBB 1 Final: Zef Hemel, Jeff Lewis, Christian Land, Corey Chapman, Peter Crouch.

YaBB 1 Gold: Corey Chapman, Darya Misse, Popeye, Michael Prager, Dave Baughman, Dave G, Carey P, Christian Land, Tim Ceuppens, ejdmoo, StarSaber, and Parham Mofidi.

YaBB 1 Gold - Service Pack 1: Corey Chapman, Bjoern Berg, Dave Baughman, Tim Ceuppens, Jay Silverman, and Gunther Meyer

YaBB 2: Ron Hartendorp, Andrew Aitken, Carsten Dalgaard, Ryan Farrington, Zoltan Kovacs, Tim Ceuppens, Shoeb Omar, Torsten Mrotz, Brian Schaefer, Juvenall Wilson, Corey Chapman, Christer Jenson, Adrian Kreher, Steve Brereton, Jeffrey Man, Boris Tjuvanov, Detlef Pilzecker and Calvin Goodman

Included Mods in YaBB 2.3 written by: Carsten Dalgaard, Adrian Kreher, Michael Prager, Shawn Flynn, Boris Tjuvanov, Jeffrey Man, Detlef Pilzecker, Thomas Müller and Calvin Goodman.

YaBB 2.3.1: Boris Tjuvanov, Jeffrey Man, Detlef Pilzecker and Calvin Goodman.

YaBB 2.4: Carsten Dalgaard, Jeffrey Man, Detlef Pilzecker and Calvin Goodman.

YaBB 2.5 AE: Boris Tjuvanov, Carsten Dalgaard, Jeffrey Man, Detlef Pilzecker and Calvin Goodman.

YaBB 2.5.2: Jon Baker, Derek Barnstorm, Carsten Dalgaard, John G.D. McCabe and D.A. Rorabaugh.
2.5.2 is Dedicated to the memory of Ron Hartendorp, AKA Spikecity. His work on past YaBB software versions and his help to the YaBB Community will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with his loved ones and friends. He left us too soon.

Included Mods in YaBB 2.5.2 written by Derek Barnstorm, Carsten Dalgaard, and D.A. Rorabaugh.

Special Thanks: All our VERY dedicated beta testers / bug hunters, everyone who helped out with code-snippets and advice, all the graphics & layout guys, all the security bods who forced us to re-think how to make a secure BBS, and everyone who made us put the features they wanted into YaBB 2 and later versions.

Most of all, we'd like to thank the people who download and use YaBB on a daily basis. It may sound corny, but without people who want to use this software, it wouldn't exist.